NAMM 2015 – Schecter introduces 3 new series

Schecter adds Platinum, Banshee Elite and Hellraiser Passive to the line-up

Just like every year, Schecter Guitars & Basses doesn’t hold their new models back until NAMM. New to the line-up for 2015 will be the Banshee Elite series, which will be equipped with Schecter’s very own “Supercharger” humbuckers (Sustainiac neck pickups on FR versions). The series will feature 6- and 7-string models, both available with fixed Hipshot bridge or or Floyd Rose 1500 Series tremolo, as well as an 8-string model with a massive 28″ scale.


Swamp ash body, flamed maple top, neck-thru construction and Schecter Supercharger pickups

Regarding features like 20″ fretboard radius, stainless steel frets, glow-in-the-dark inlays, graphite reinforced maple/walnut neck and GraphTech nuts, the Banshee Elite series is something you would have expected to happen, since most manufacturers (apart from the really big ones) are offering those kind of specs to the more ambitious player these days. Schecter’s Supercharger humbuckers offer massive tone and definition and are definitely on the same quality level as Duncans, DiMarzios or Bare Knuckle Pickups.

Semi-Hollow with piezo and flames

A new and very different model in the 2015 Schecter line-up is the C-1 E/A which features a piezo acoustic pickup by Fishman, that can be blended with the built-in Schecter Diamond humbuckers. Apart from the semi-hollow design it just looks beautiful! The classic combination of mahogany and flamed maple, combined with the “Cats Eye” finish is in fact stunning.

c-1-ea-tigers-eye-2015-body-laying-fix-highresLet’s go passive, shall we?

Although active pickups have improved quite a lot in terms of dynamic and definition, there is a trend towards passive pickups. Not only do companies like Bare Knuckle or DiMarzio sell more than they used to do, also the guitar brands are leaning more towards passive pickups.

Schecter’s Hellraiser series is very popular in the price range between 700 and 1400 € (or $), but was equipped with EMGs exclusively. For 2015, most of the range will also be available with passive Schecter pickups. Their Brimstone humbuckers are set to destruction with a massive 19.2k push and ceramic-barium magnets, while delivering a lot of clarity at the same time.

Keith Merrow’s new lambo

One of the most popular Schecter signature guitars in 2014, the KM-7, comes with a new finish for 2015. After the rather elegant Trans White Satin model, things get more spicy with the all new KM-7 Lambo Orange. Apart from the orange finish, which also includes a matching headstock and orange dot inlays, the basic features stay, including the Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient humbuckers which Keith helped to develop and finalize.



  1. Aluchi · February 13, 2015

    for the C-1 E/A 2015 new model, which I am interested in, is it hollow too underneath the controls, or only at the top where the f hols is located?
    Where can I check it out and when it will be available in US stores?
    I think Schecter, as a very underrated company my opinion, should work on putting their guitars in stores so people can see them in person. I went for example at one big store in VA and they told me that I could order them, but the Schecter models were not on their displays.


    • Frank Fleckenstein · February 18, 2015

      The body is not hollow underneath the controls, but systematically throughout the rest of the body. The first dealers should already have the Schecter C-1 E/A in stock I guess. I also think that most people underrate the quality & value of their instruments. The industry and especially the retailers are afraid to purchase more than they need currently, because they don’t want to eventually end up with instruments they won’t get rid of. It is a little more relaxed here in Europe, but there is also less access to the really interesting models.


  2. Angelika Fleckenstein · January 9, 2015

    What a really nice guitar 🙂 and a very informative report. Thanks!


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