NAMM 2015 – Kemper introduces the Profiler Remote floor controller

Keep your hands free for playing!

It took them a while, but the Kemper development team just shared the information about a proprietary foot controller for all Kemper models, called the Profiler Remote. It features a tight integration with the Profiler itself and uses an ethernet cable (Neutrik® etherCON®) to communicate with the Kemper Profiler, but also receives phantom power through the same connection.

Kemper Profiler Remote Top

Kemper Profiler Remote Top

The five lower buttons will give you access to five different presets (or “Rigs”), while the Profiler Remote also offers direct access to banks, tuner, tap tempo and a little surprise…

Looping from a distance

The new and exclusive looper function can be accessed with the click of a button and turns the Profiler Remote into a loop station with a maximum loop duration of 30 seconds as well as reverse, halftime and undo functions.

Profiler Remote Back

Profiler Remote Back

Furthermore, the four TRS connectors on the back can be used for expression pedals. These can be assigned to control various functions in the Kemper Profiler and can be freely assigned. The additional buttons on the top can also control single or multiple stomp boxes at the same time.

Profiler Remote Angle

Profiler Remote Angle

The high resolution display is designed in way for you to even read it from a distance. If you want to control other midi devices within your setup, the Profiler Remote can use the Profiler’s MIDI output to forward program change messages.

Kemper offers an early bird registration on their official website. Just register here and get notified, when the first Remotes will be shipped to dealers in your area. The approximate price for the Profiler Remote will be 499€ (599$).

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