NAMM 2015 – Randall Amplification releases new amps & pedals

“…and then it took on an Element of Doom!”

Randall Amplification shows some new stuff on their official website, which is supposed to be released at NAMM in a couple of days. I am not sure if this is all the news or if Randall is holding the big surprise back until next week. Here’s what we know and see so far…


Randall EOD88 Element of Doom

The EOD88 seems to be inspired by the early days of Heavy Metal and the sound that was created back in these days. The 88-watt amplifier features a simple layout with 3 gain modes, but just one equalizer plus a built-in Fuzz circuit. The power amp comes with a big knob for master volume as well as Depth & Presence controls.

Randall EOD88 Element of Doom Head

Randall EOD88 Element of Doom Head (click to enlarge)

  • Power: 88 watts
  • Tube: KT88 power amp /12AX7 preamp
  • 3 gain modes
  • switchable Fuzz circuit
  • discrete Class A instrument level
  • 2-button footswitch included
  • Limited Edition red tolex (according to Randall’s website)

Randall Thrasher 50 Head

After the huge success of the 120 watt Thrasher head, Randall introduces a 50 watt version at NAMM 2015. The small, compact tube amplifier comes with slightly reduced control options and only one full equalizer in Channel 1, while Channel 2 is equipped with a tone knob. However, the basic preamp layout is identical and includes the LF & HF Gain controls.

Randall Thrasher 50 Head (click to enlarge)

Randall Thrasher 50 Head (click to enlarge)

  • Power: 50 watts
  • Tubes: 2x 6L6 power amp/4x 12AX7 preamp
  • 2 channels + boost
  • Class A discrete instrument level loop
  • 2-button footswitch included
  • dimensions: 738 x 265 x 266 mm (w x d x h)
  • weight: 27 kg

Randall Satan 412 Ola Englund Signature

Last year, Randall revealed the Satan 120 Head, which is based on a Mike Fortin design and is Ola Englund’s signature amp. Now you can finally purchase the fitting cabinet for it, which Randall will most likely show next week in Anaheim. It is a straight cabinet with a birch ply front, holding an x-pattern speaker configuration with two Celestion Vintage 30’s and two G12T-75 speakers.

Randall Satan 412

Randall Satan 412 (click to enlarge)

  • Power: 270 watts/2x 140 watts
  • Mono/Stereo
  • X-Pattern speaker configuration
  • 4/16 ohms mono, 2x 8 ohms stereo
  • dimensions: 760 x 360 x 515 mm (according to Randall’s website)
  • weight: 28,8 kg (this seems to be pretty light, might not be the final info)

Randall RRED Classic FET Distortion Pedal

There’s not so much info on this new pedal currently, but the three drive pedals they released in 2014 were really good sounding and built like tanks. Maybe we can hear a demo of the RRED at NAMM next week or some time soon. Here are the facts I could find:

Randall RRED FET Distortion (click to enlarge)

Randall RRED FET Distortion (click to enlarge)

  • Classic FET-based distortion
  • Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble
  • True Bypass
  • Powered with a 9v battery or optional 9v power supply

Randall BLOQ Noise Gate

With a huge amount of distortion applied, a proper working and reacting noise gate always comes in handy. The Randall BLOQ noise gate comes with a simple 1-knob Threshold layout and can be placed in front of the signal chain or in your amplifier’s effects loop.

Randall BLOQ Noise Gate

Randall BLOQ Noise Gate

  • Dynamic noise gate pedal
  • 1-knob layout
  • Threshold control
  • True Bypass
  • Front-end or fx-loop operation (switchable)
  • powered with a 9v battery or optional 9v power supply

So, now I am wondering what could be revealed at NAMM. I guess if there is “one more thing”, it will most likely be a product of the Fredrik Thordendal series, since Randall is working on that for a while now. I am excited to see what’s coming!


  1. Kory · April 3, 2015

    When will the Thrasher 50 be on the market? Thanks.


    • Frank Fleckenstein · April 9, 2015

      Hi Kory,
      I guess that depends on which country you are located in. It should be available in this US around May. Europe will have the first models coming in June as far as I know.


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