Orange Amplification updates Crush Series Amplifiers

An Alternative to Digital Modelling?

At NAMM Show 2015, Orange is going to update their popular Crush Series amplifiers. The new Crush 12, Crush 20, Crush 20RT and Crush 35RT amplifiers are designed after the successful Crush Pro Series and feature the same four-stage preamp design, which brings the Dirty channel even closer to the full-tube Rockerverb Series.

All new models also come with Orange’s brand-new CabSim circuit, which delivers the sound of an Orange 4×12″ through a headphone/line out jack.

On-board Reverb and Tuner

The two bigger model, Crush 20RT & 35RT will both feature an on-board Reverb, channel switching and a tuner function, making an external tuner obsolete and further expand the tonal possibilities. The Crush 35RT’s power amp will be loud enough for most rehearsal spaces according to Orange, and it also welcomes external effects with a buffered low-impedance effects loop.

In the video below, Ty Tabor (Kings’s X), one of my all-time favorite guitar players, explains the new Crush models in detail. I wish he’d play a little more… 🙂

In another video by Orange, he also explains the new CabSim circuit and gives an example on how it sounds.

Seems like a good tool for guitar players, who not only play live, but also like to record ideas in their home studio. The only thing you would need is a decent audio interface to make that happen. Below you’ll find more pictures and some audio demos

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  1. Angelika Fleckenstein · January 19, 2015

    Coole Bilder! Das kommt richtig gut.


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