NAMM 2015 – Palmer MI reveals new Pedals & Tools

To loop or not to loop?

Palmer Musical Instruments established their effects line some time ago and keeps adding new models to the line-up constantly. Right in time for NAMM 2015, the German-based company introduces three new pedals, a simple 1-knob booster and two compact switchers for effects and amplifiers.


Palmer Pepboost

The Palmer MI Pocket Booster comes with a simple 1-knob control and will boost the input stage of your amplifier to produce more gain and compression or even more volume, depending on your amp model. If you’re working with more drive pedals, you could alternatively use it at the end of your pedal chain to increase the level for solo spots. Estimated price will be approx. 35€, available around June 2015.

Here’s the official Palmer promo video:

Palmer MI F 2 SW 2-Channel Footswitch

The new Palmer PF2SW is a versatile 2-button footswitch, compatible with most units that feature a footswitch connection. This could an amplifier, an effects pedal or anything alike. On top of that, it offers a couple of options, such as latched/unlatched switching, open/closed relay position or the possibility to switch both channels instantly with one of the buttons. It connects to your device with a regular 6,35mm instrument cable, the built-in status LEDs can be powered with a 9V block battery or an optional power supply. The approximate price will be around 99€, available at dealers worldwide in February.

Palmer also has a promo video for the PF2SW:

Palmer MI FFX Loop Switcher

The second new tools in Palmer’s MI Effects line-up is the PFFX Loop Switcher. It allows you to create two fully independent effect loops on your pedalboard, which can also be routed serial. If you want to operate with the effects loop of your amplifier… well, the PFFX can also do that! The second loop can be switched to mute, when activated, which comes in handy if you have a pedal tuner connected. The inner circuit is fully passive and features a true bypass. A 9V block battery or optional power supply is just needed to power the status LEDs. Estimated price will be 79€ and the Palmer PFFX will be available at dealers worldwide in early February.

More details in this official promo video:


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  1. Palmer Germany · January 22, 2015

    Hot NAMM News: The brand new PDI 03 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model


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