NAMM 2015 – Digitech reveals interesting new pedals

Shakin’ bones and a full band on the floor!

Digitech introduces two new pedals to their line-up at NAMM 2015! While the Boneshaker Distortion is DOD-labeled, the new Digitech Trio pedal looks veeeeeery interesting to me.

Digitech’s new Trio pedal is a true “Band-in-a-Box”! While you’re playing a riff or a sequence of chords, it will analyze what you play and come up with drums patterns and basslines that matches your song idea. It provides seven different music genres such as Blues, Pop, Alternative Rock, Rock, Country, R&B and Jazz with 12 different styles for each one. You can also choose between 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures.

Loop pedal reinvented!

The Digitech Trio Band Creator can also learn 3 different song parts, which can be changed on-the-fly while the song is playing. With an optional Digitech FS3X footswitch, you’ll have your hands free for playing, accessing all the Trio’s functions by foot. Included in the package is a 9V Digitech power supply!

Here are some promo video’s from the Digitech website:


At this point I couldn’t pull any info on availability or price, but as soon as this comes out, I will update this post immediately.

Digitech DOD Boneshaker Distortion

The DOD-labeled Boneshaker Distortion features a circuit designed by Black Arts Toneworks. According to the info on Digitech’s website, it has been designed especially for extended range guitars, baritones and bass. It comes with a full parametric equalizer plus depth control and can be used either with your amplifier’s clean channel or to push the sound of your lead/distortion channel.

The Digitech DOD Boneshaker features a true bypass circuit and can be powered with a 9V block battery or an optional 9V power supply.

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