NAMM 2015 – ENGL Amplification releases the legendary E651 Artist Edition Head

An amp that has been used by legends!

The E651 Artist Edition is based on the inner circuit of the E650 Ritchie Blackmore Head, which is one of the best-selling ENGL amplifiers of all times. It also sticks out of the ENGL range as the most open-sounding and dynamic model, apart from the E610 Savage. In 2005, ENGL made a slightly different version of the E650, requested by long-time ENGL artist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Bad Moon Rising).

It was equipped with EL34s in the power amp section and also featured a new and totally different 3-band EQ. Aldrich loved it and the rumor about this specific amp spread to other famous player like Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Ken Hammer, Vivien Campell, Paul Stanley and many more.

Well, all that was 10 years ago and by last year, the E651 was received back by the ENGL R&D team. They decided to make this great-sounding amp available for everyone and added some contemporary features to the existing design.

Noise Gate and S.A.C. Connector

Identical to the prototype, the E651 Artist Edition comes with 4 channels to cover the tonal expectation between Blues, Rock and Metal. The Master Volume A & B controls can be used to a variety of things, such as solo boost or for parts in a set with lower volume levels.

The built-in adjustable Noise Gate takes care of eventual noise, when playing heavier tones. You would believe it, but the 4th channel of the E651 is a true beast and was used by a lot of Swedish Thrash Metal guitarists. Bright and Shape functions on the front panel will give you the choice between strong or more subtle, slightly scooped mids, Bright obviously enhances higher frequencies.

The back panel holds speaker jacks of all kinds, an effects loop with Dry/Wet control and the ENGL S.A.C. port for the connection of an ENGL Z-9 footswitch. Alternatively, the E651 can be controlled with a Z-4 or a Z-11 from ENGL’s accessory line.

In the video below, Marco Wriedt demonstrates some of the E651’s sounds:

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