NAMM 2015 – Jackson Guitars upgrades X-Series models

New pickups, new colors, new bridges and a new manufactory

After entering the extended range instrument market more seriously 2 years ago, Jackson Guitars is now updating all X-Series SLAT models with different hardware and new pickups. The new models will also balance the amount of tremolo- and hardtail-equipped guitars.

First of all, the PT Cort factory in Indonesia will be doing the complete line of X-Series models for 2015. While some of the extended range instruments were actually crafted in Mexico (Dinky DKA7, DKA8), there is a strong movement towards Indonesia these days. And there’s nothing wrong about that if you consider that Ibanez’ Premium factory is located there as well (check out my review on the RG721RW). But Jackson goes a little further…



Jackson SLATHX-M 3-7 Slime Green w/Seymour Duncan Nazgul & Sentient humbuckers

SD Nazgul & Sentient Detail

SD Nazgul & Sentient Detail

One pickup to rule them all…

Last year’s Jackson SLAT models were equipped with EMG humbuckers mostly, except for the DKA Dinky models which came with DiMarzio D-Activators. For 2015 most of the hardtail versions will be available with Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient humbuckers, while the major part of the Floyd Rose models will be equipped with SD Blackouts.


Jackson SLATXSD 3-7 Silverburst w/Seymour Duncan Blackouts

Jackson SLATXSD 3-7 Silverburst w/Seymour Duncan Blackouts


Apart from new colors available for 2015, including Snow White, Slime Green, Silverburst, Bright Blue, Trans Blue and Trans Purple, the important features that made the X-Series models so great for the price range, will be maintained. The neck construction will still be neck-thru and on top of that, the necks are graphite reinforced for improved stability.


Jackson SLATHX 3-8 Gloss Black w/Seymour Duncan Blackouts

Jackson SLATHX 3-8 Gloss Black w/Seymour Duncan Blackouts


Prices start at 699€ for the solid color 7-strings, transparent finishes will be 749€ while both 8-string models are leveled at 789€.


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