NAMM 2015 – Peavey releases 50th Anniversary & Mini models

It’s all gold!

Happy Birthday to Peavey’s 50th Anniversary! The American audio company celebrates this event with some new additions to the amplifier line-up and some special editions of their most popular amp models.

Peavey Classic 30 50th Anniversary Gold (click to enlarge)

Peavey Classic 30 50th Anniversary Gold (click to enlarge)

Peavey’s Classic 30 combo amplifier has been on the market for ages and its happy users certainly know why. The Classic 30’s compact dimensions paired with two great sounding channels, which are capable to produce a wide range of sounds, have been a major point to choose it over similar models.

On the occasion of Peavey’s jubilee and NAMM 2015, the Classic 30 comes with a limited edition look in black tolex with golden panel and anniversary plate. The classic specifications remain the same of course:

  • 30 watts RMS (8 or 16 ohms)
  • Tubes: 4x EL84 power amp, 3x 12AX7 preamp
  • 1×12″ Blue Marvel speaker
  • 2 channels
  • Pre- and post gain controls for the lead channel
  • Adjustable Spring Reverb
  • External speaker jack
  • Channels, Reverb and Boost footswitchable
  • Effects loop (serial)
Peavey 6505 Plus 50th Anniversary Head

Peavey 6505 Plus 50th Anniversary Head (click to enlarge)

Peavey 6505 Plus 50th Anniversary

Anniversary Edition #2 is a limited edition 6505 Plus Head, also featuring a golden chassis and anniversary plates. The 6505 is based on the famous 5150, but features two independent channels with dedicated controls. It is one of the top-selling rock/metal tube amplifiers over the past decade, even after the company parted ways with signature artist Eddie van Halen. The original specs remain also with this 50th Anniversary 6505 Plus.

  • 120 watts RMS
  • Tubes: 4x 6L6 power amp, 6x 12AX7 preamp
  • 2 fully individual channels
  • 3-band equalizers
  • Resonance and Presence controls
  • Effects loop
  • 4, 8 and 16 ohms switchable speaker out


The new MH Mini heads

Following the trend towards more portable amp heads, Peavey releases their popular 6505 and Classic series amplifiers in a smaller and more portable version. The new 6505MH and Classic 20 MH amplifiers feature a 20 watt power amp section, both powered with a set EL84 tubes.

Peavey Classic 20 MH Head (click to enlarge)

Peavey Classic 20 MH Head (click to enlarge)

The Classic 20 MH comes with 2 footswitchable channels, which share a 3-band equalizer. In comparison with the original classic series, not only Reverb, Boost and the channels can be accessed via footswitch, but also the buffered effects loop. All other features, like the lush-sounding reverb, remain the same.

Furthermore, the power amp wattage can be reduced from 20 watts to 5 or even 1 watt. Peavey’s TSI technology provides information about the power amp tube status and if a tube needs to be replaced for example.

The 6505MH looks like a mini version of the 6505 head to me… only difference is a built-in Reverb. According to Peavey, it features the exact same circuit than its bigger brother and will deliver the classic 6505 tone.

Peavey 6505MH Mini Head (click to enlarge)

Peavey 6505MH Mini Head (click to enlarge)

Direct recording or connecting with the mixing desk

Apart from an effects loop, both Peavey MH Mini amps are equipped with XLR and USB connectors and Peavey’s MSDI™ technology. It allows you to send a direct signal to your audio interface or mixing desk or even to your computer via USB. The speaker defeat switch allows you to silence your cabinet, which makes it interesting for late-night home recording sessions or if you work with in-ear monitoring on stage, where silence is mandatory sometimes. On top of all that, the new minis also come with a headphone jack.

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