NAMM 2015 – Hughes & Kettner introduces the TriAmp MKIII

42 Different Amps under the hood

Hughes & Kettner’s flagship model, the TriAmp, already looks back on a long legacy. It started with the idea of combining 6 different channels and putting them into one amplifier. Then, with the help of German session player and designer Thomas Blug, the second version came with improved functionality and even more flexibility.

But the new Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark III operates on a complete new level! While the older models would share controls for a pair of channels, the newest incarnation holds fully individual controls for every single channel. But it doesn’t stop there!

Thanks to its MIDI functionality, all switchable options of the TriAmp MKIII can be switched with one single footstep, using H&K’s own TSM-432 foot controller or a 3rd party midi switcher. That includes channels, boost, effects loop, noise gate, the Redbox AE configuration and which of the power amp tube pairs is active and running.

150 Watts, 6L6 & EL34s and any other tube you want

With all three power amp tube pairs activated, the TriAmp MKIII delivers powerful 150 watts. The factory setting includes four 6L6 and 2 EL34 tubes, which allow for a wide range of different tones. But here comes the even cooler part… thanks to an improved TSC circuit from Hughes & Kettner, you can insert every tube type that fits the sockets, that could be KT66s, KT77s, KT88s, 6550s, 5881s, 7581s or even 6CA7s. Do the math and think about the tonal options here. The TSC circuit also monitors and adjusts the performance of every single power amp tube to make sure that no errors can occur, and if so, it will shut down the faulty tube without you even noticing it.

Hughes&Kettner TriAmp MKIII back panel (click to enlarge)

Hughes&Kettner TriAmp MKIII back panel (click to enlarge)

The new Red Box AE brings the existing technology to a new level. It delivers the sound of a mic’d cabinet and sends it directly to the mixing desk. The newest version includes Low Cut- and 2nd Cabinet functions and on top of that, it also includes a little bit of ambience to make the signal sound more alive and highly three-dimensional.

The official promo video and all specs are listed below. As soon as I have info on price and availability, I will update this post. Hughes & Kettner already released the manual, read it here!


2X EL34 84 Watt / 34 Watt
2X 6L6 72 Watt / 30 Watt
4X 6L6 126 Watt / 93 Watt
2X 6L6 + 2X EL34 132 Watt / 95 Watt
4X 6L6 + 2X EL34 145 Watt / 116 Watt
1A: 50s Californian Clean
1B: 60s British Clean
2A: 70s British Lead
2B: 80s Brown Sound
3A: 90s Californian High Gain
3B: Modern-Day High Gain and beyond
MIDI IN 7-pin (5-pin compatible), 20 V DC Phantom Power (150 mA)
OUTPUT LEVEL 0 dBV (balanced)
FX LOOP serial/parallel, switchable
SPEAKER OUTPUT 1 x 4 Ω, 1x 8 / 2 x 16 Ω, 1 x 16 Ω
DIMENSIONS 740 x 393 x 254 mm
GEWICHT 22 kg/48.5 lbs.

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