KIESEL Lithium Humbuckers Review & Video

Oh, well this is new!

Since I did the Kiesel Vader unboxing video and the full review a couple of days later, I received a lot of messages on all channels. Most of you guys wanted to know more specifics about ordering, shipping and customs handling. But a big number of people were asking me about the Kiesel Lithium pickups, which come standard with every new Vader model (and are currently a free upgrade to every guitar you order at Carvin).

So I decided to examine them a little more detailed, simply because it is very rare that a guitar company designs their own pickups which sound this amazing, that you feel you don’t want to swap them with some brand pickups right away.

Since words can hardly describe how something sounds, I will leave you with some recorded snippets I did in two different tunings, E standard and Drop B. Every clip starts at the bridge pickup and moves through all 5 positions toward the neck pickup.

As you can hear, the Lithium pickups paired with a 5-way switch offer a variety of tonal options. The wiring in the Vader V6 splits the humbuckers to the inner coil in position 2 & 4, so this is a true singlecoil mode.

Sounds good, but are they on par with…?

As mentioned before, the majority of people don’t like the stock pickups of most guitar manufacturers. Most of them produce pickups because they have to in order to save money on the production side of things. So I see many guys buying Seymour Duncans, DiMarzios or Bare Knuckle Pickups, which adds another 180 – 300 bucks on the price of the instrument, depending on pickup model and design.

The Kiesel Lithium humbuckers are actually the first stock models I will not swap with anything! They are very versatile, they behave very dynamic to pick attack and on top of that they’re really quiet, even when playing with a higher amount of distortion. They are usable for most musical genres, although I see their highest potential in the rock/heavy music environment. So yes…they can definitely compete with other brand pickups in terms of sonic quality. If you like how they sound or not is totally up to your personal taste…everybody has a different set of ears! Something that really stands out is how they sound within a recording! While I was mixing songs I recorded with the Kiesel Vader V6, I noticed that it was very easy to adjust the tracks to make them audible within the mix. So they definitely have a huge plus on the “cut through the mix” side of things.

Kiesel Lithium Humbuckers

Kiesel Lithium Humbuckers

 And there are some options as well

In terms of pricing, the Kiesel Lithium humbuckers start at 89$ for a single 6-string version and end at 109$ for a single 8-string model. This is a really good price for a guitar humbucker with that quality! You could further get them in different colors, such as cream, white, black/white or add bezels for a small upcharge.

You can find all available models and option here at Carvin’s website!

Kiesel Lithium KL12 Humbucker:

  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • DC resistance: 13.16 ohms bridge, 7.59 ohms neck
  • Available colors: black, white, cream, black/white, black/cream
  • Dimensions pole to pole on center: .388″ (9.84mm)
  • Dimensions between center of outside poles: 1.940″ (49.2mm)

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