Small & compact for all you pedal nerds out there

Here’s something for you

Since my very first encounter with DV MARK back in 2011, when I helped developing the Triple 6 (a compact 120 watt metal head) I was impressed by their ability to make things light & compact without compromising tone and headroom.

Their German distributor reached out to me and asked if I could take a look at one of their latest products, focused towards players that rely on pedals to create their sounds. The DV MARK DV “Raw Dawg” EG was created in close cooperation with the incredible Eric Gales, one of the world’s most recognized blues guitar players, using pedals pretty much exclusively.

The Raw Dawg Head is super light & compact, sports a 250 watt power amp and comes with the most straight-forward front panel ever. Volume, 3-band EQ, Reverb and a footswitch connector.

And here’s how it sounds, just using a simple overdrive in front of it:

The signal chain for this video was: Kiesel Vader V6 > Thermion Heartbreaker Overdrive > DVMARK Raw Dawg Head > Two Notes Torpedo Live > UAD Apollo Twin > Reaper DAW

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