NAMM19 – Darkglass Electronics releases 2 new bass amps

Be heard: Alpha-Omega 900 & Microtubes 900v2

Finnish amp maker Darkglass Electronics release two new bass amps at this year’s NAMM show, the Alpha-Omega 900 and the second version of the popular Microtubes 900.

Alpha-Omega 900

The all-new Alpha-Omega 900 head takes the best features of their most successful pedal preamp and combines it with a powerful 900 watt power amp for extreme tone and crushing volume. It also comes with the same drive engine, adding the signature drive and size to your bass signal, while the studio-grade VCA compressor and the ultra-quiet 6-band EQ help shaping the overall tone to your taste.


The back hold a variety of connections, such as two speaker outputs which go down to a 2 ohm minimum load, if necessary. Pre- and post-DI outputs, headphone jack, aux in, USB connection to load different cab impulses or even to change parameters on the compressor or MIDI setup…or, right…the Alpha-Omega 900 also holds a MIDI connection if you wanna change amp settings via MIDI.

Intelligent footswitch included

The Alpha-Omega 900 also comes with a dedicated footswitch. The Intelligent Footswitch is an intuitive yet versatile accessory for your Alpha·Omega 900. One tap will engage and disengage the Distortion, while holding for 3 seconds will Mute the amplifier. It is connected to the head via a standard 1/4″ cable and it’s powered by a microcontroller that sends commands to the head using a proprietary communication protocol.

The most important feature though is the portability of the amp. With its dimensions 26.7cm l x 7cm h 25.5 w (10.5”l x 2.75”h x 10”w) and a weight of only 2.9Kg (6.39Lbs), traveling is made as easy as possible.

Microtubes 900v2 – Original design updated

Three years ago Darkglass Electronics released it’s first amplifier, the Microtubes 900. Its unusual features, and design embodied the Darkglass ethos like none of our previous products. It was an uncompromising amplifier, incredibly versatile, and unapologetically loud. Now, a thousand days after the first Microtubes 900 saw the light of day, we are proud to announce the next step in its evolution, the Microtubes 900 v2.

With enhanced durability, improved equalizer, studio-grade compression, impulse response cabinet emulation, and MIDI control, the Microtubes 900 v2 features all the options the modern, professional bassist needs in a compact, sleek, and loud format.


With the same incredible features as the Alpha-Omega 900 as far as dimensions and weight go, the Microtubes 900v2 sports two different distortion modes between aggressive and warm, a studio-grade VCA compressor, cabinet IRs and USB connectivity.


You can find more info on the Darkglass Electronics website and they also made an impressive teaser video for the new heads!

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