NAMM19 – Ibanez adds lots of new AZ signature guitars

New AZ models for Andy Timmons, Marco Sfogli, Tim Henson, Scott LePage, Mario Camarena & Erick Hansel

After introducing the AZ line of electric guitars at last year’s NAMM show, with Tom Quayle and Martin Miller being the first signature artists, it seems like more Ibanez players are liking the AZ style and features. Andy Timmons and Marco Sfogli are adapting to AZ models and Polyphia’s guitar players Tim Henson & Scott LePage are getting their own AZ signatures as well.


Ibanez ATZ100-SBT

Andy Timmons’ model will feature equal specs to his previous Ibanez guitar, sporting DiMarzio The Cruiser pickups and the Wilkinson-Gotoh VSVG tremolo on an alder body.


Ibanez MSM100-FGB

The approach for Marco Sfogli’s model is kind of similar. He keeps his basic specs with DiMarzio Air Norton & Tone Zone humbuckers, but adapts to AZ neck and hardware configuration.

New signature models from Polyphia & Chon

The two band’s guitar players receive their first Ibanez signature models based on the AZ line and in a more affordable price range as well.


Ibanez THBB10 Tim Henson

Tim Henson’s model comes with the following specs:

  • American Basswood body
  • Roasted Maple neck & fretboard
  • 24 Stainless Steel Jumbo frets
  • Gotoh® T1502 tremolo bridge
  • DiMarzio® Notorious HSS pickups
  • 25,5″ scale
  • Gold hardware

Ibanez SLM10 Scott LePage

Scott LePage’s AZ signature comes with similar specs, but features a nice quilted maple top and slightly different optics. He also goes with classic DiMarzio True Velvet Singlecoils and an IGNO humbucker, designed for his needs.

CHON’s guitar players Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel take slightly different routes with their new AZ signatures. Mario’s MAR10 for example features the classic sawtooth inlays, which Ibanez is famous for and comes with these specs:


Ibanez MAR10 Mario Camarena

  • American Basswood body
  • Roasted Maple neck & fretboard
  • 24 Jumbo Stainless Steel frets
  • Gotoh® T1502 tremolo bridge
  • Seymour Duncan® Hyperion HSS pickups
  • Chrome hardware

It also features an interesting switching alternative for the pickups:



Ibanez EH10 Erick Hansel

Erick Hansel’s AZ almost has a Telecaster-style appeal to it as far as the pickups go, and sports a different set of features:

  • Walnut top/Nyatoh body
  • Roasted Maple neck
  • Jatoba fretboard
  • 24 Jumbo Stainless Steel frets
  • Gotoh® T1502 tremolo bridge
  • Seymour Duncan® Alnico II Pro & Seymour Duncan® Hyperion pickups
  • Chrome hardware

All models are partially available already at several retailers around the globe, with prices sitting at 1499€ for CHON’s and Polyphia’s signatures and around 2500€ for the ATZ100 and MSM100.

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