Frank Fleckenstein (born 1981) is a guitarist, composer & video/photography enthusiast from Cologne, Germany. He works in the MI industry since 1998 and has been involved in product design & development with companies such as DV Mark, Diezel Amplification, TC Electronic and many more. He also played on several albums and toured with/has been part of bands like Koroded, Machinemade God, Stella, 2$ Haircut to just name a few.Frank Fleckenstein





  1. Lance Craig · January 3, 2019

    Hi Frank! I’m really curious about your use of the Bluguitar Amp1. How does it stack up to other high gain amps that you’ve played? Do you use it for live applications? I’m seriously considering buying one to replace my 50 watt EVH head as it is too loud and too big for what I need. As much as I love the amp, I never use it. I’m not sure if I should go for the Amp1 or the smaller EVH LBX head. Amp1 looks to be much more versatile. I play everything from Ambient to Modern metal. Any thoughts? Thanks, Frank!


    • Frank Fleckenstein · January 24, 2019

      Hey Lance. I think I answered that question on YT already. I say Amp1 Mercury Edition all the way. Especially if you consider the price tag and the size of this thing. You could carry your rig in just one guitar bag, which is what I do! Cheers, Frank


  2. Moritz · December 16, 2017

    Hallo Frank,

    vielen Dank erstmal für Deine spitzen Produkt Demos. Macht viel Spaß die anzuschauen.
    Meine Frage:
    Ich bin im Begriff mir eine polnische 1x12er zu bestellen.
    Welche würdest Du eher empfehlen ? Hesu oder Mori ?
    Basis ist Telecaster in Drop Cis durch nen 800er Marshall. Also eher ein angezerrzer Indie Rock Sound. Billy Talent würde mir als Referenz Gitarren Sound einfallen.
    Danke für Deine Hilfe !

    Gruß, Moritz


    • Frank Fleckenstein · December 27, 2017

      Hallo Moritz,

      danke für die netten Worte. Hmm, schwierig weil beide Firmen sehr gute Arbeit abliefern. Ich fand bei den 1x12er die Mori aber im direkten Vergleich besser. Sie hatte mehr Bumms und setzte sich vor allem im Kontext besser durch . Klingt von der Beschreibung her auch eher nach dem, was Du für Deine Musik suchst.


  3. Glenn · August 26, 2017

    G’day from Australia. Lovely photos’ in your review of the Vader 6 Aquaburst. I like the one in the grassy field very much. What camera gear / editing were you using? Also – its a lovely finish – I would have thought it was a gloss, not a satin finish. What was your thinking behind getting satin finish, instead of gloss? Are you still happy with the satin finish? Thanks!


    • Frank Fleckenstein · November 23, 2017

      Hey Glenn. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot, I absolutely love that guitar. I used a Nikon D610 with a Sigma 35mm F1.4 for those pictures. I am happy with the satin finish, although I know that it will turn “kind-of-glossy” at some point. Cheers, mate!


  4. Jake Morten · April 18, 2015

    Guten Tag! Hi there Frank. I wanted to ask you a few things about the Diezel Zerrer. I’m looking to buy a distortion pedal / preamp to run into a clean valve amp. Sadly I can’t go anywhere to try the pedal here in the UK. Can the Zerrer achieve tones as heavy as the Peavey 5150 / 6505?

    Would you be happy to rely on it for live situations for both sound and reliability?

    Danke Frank




    • Frank Fleckenstein · April 28, 2015

      Hey Jake,
      I believe that you can achieve sounds that are equal to a 5150 in terms of aggression. The tonal flavor however will be different. I would totally rely on the Zerrer, if I had to run into a clean amp or a power amp section. Cheers, Frank 🙂


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