I’ve actually finished that album

Questioning yourself… all the time

When I started putting material together for an album, I had no idea what was actually coming my way. Playing in bands my entire life, I was used to the creative process in a group. Someone came up with a melody or a riff and then we started putting shit together. This also meant that all members decided on changes together and approved the final version once it felt right.

Doing all that on your own is a complete different game, and it took me quite some time to figure that out. Because no one sits beside you and says “hmm, maybe we should lower that tempo a little”, “hey, let’s play this part half-time”, “why don’t we put the chorus part behind the intermediate blablabla”! In other words, it takes longer until you get that feeling that something sounds right or that it sounds the way you intended it to sound like.

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