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Since my very first encounter with DV MARK back in 2011, when I helped developing the Triple 6 (a compact 120 watt metal head) I was impressed by their ability to make things light & compact without compromising tone and headroom.

Their German distributor reached out to me and asked if I could take a look at one of their latest products, focused towards players that rely on pedals to create their sounds. The DV MARK DV “Raw Dawg” EG was created in close cooperation with the incredible Eric Gales, one of the world’s most recognized blues guitar players, using pedals pretty much exclusively.

The Raw Dawg Head is super light & compact, sports a 250 watt power amp and comes with the most straight-forward front panel ever. Volume, 3-band EQ, Reverb and a footswitch connector.

And here’s how it sounds, just using a simple overdrive in front of it:

The signal chain for this video was: Kiesel Vader V6 > Thermion Heartbreaker Overdrive > DVMARK Raw Dawg Head > Two Notes Torpedo Live > UAD Apollo Twin > Reaper DAW

Black Widow Audio MGP-1A Modeling Guitar Preamp Demo & Review

Something I didn’t have on my radar and it’s pretty good!

A while ago I was browsing around on because I was bored and I am always out searching for stuff I might not know about. I like to get surprised by new gear. And in this case, I was really lucky to find what I found.

I had never heard about Black Widow Audio as a company, but there it was…this really intriguing rack unit called MGP-1A. I checked a video from NAMM that was already 2 years old where Brian, who invented the preamp, talked about the concept and the idea behind the MGP-1A. Now I was more than curious.

I contacted Brian right away and asked about the possibility to test and demo the unit. After a few emails we exchanged details and the MGP-1A was on the way to me.

Unpacked, connected and go!

The greatest thing about the Black Widow Audio MGP-1A is that you don’t actually have to read the manual, if you want to start playing. The front panel tells you what’s going on for the most part. 3 channels, 3 amp models per channel, modded versions of the amp, Bright, Deep, EQ shift and alternative EQ. It’s so easy to handle and to dial in tones. Theoretically speaking, the MGP-1A is a modeling preamp…a tube modeling preamp. If you think about modeling, the first thing that comes to mind is a learning curve, dialing in and fine tuning sounds will take some time, because let’s be honest: most of the stock presets are not what you’re looking for.

Here’s where the MGP-1A closes the gap! No learning curve, no sub-menus for fine tuning, just a couple of buttons and knobs that will give you that amp-like instant reward feeling.

So, here’s a first video of a small series I will be doing with the MGP-1A, going over the basic concept and playing a song obviously. Stay tuned for more on this great piece of gear!


Buy the Black Widow Audio MGP-1A here!

All the info about it on the manufacturer’s website!

BluGuitar AMP1 Review & Video

A true innovation…mindblowing!!!

At last year’s NAMM and as well at Musikmesse, Thomas Blug introduced his new company to the world: BluGuitar! He has been developing full-tube & digital amplifiers for almost 20 years, while also being a session player on numerous records. His most known achievements in the amp world include the Hughes&Kettner TriAmp MKII among other amps from the German manufacturer. But he also developed one of the most sophisticated digital amps back in the days, the Hughes&Kettner Zentera!

In the past couple of years, he was focused on the development of a vision he had. He wanted to create a compact amplifier with authentic tone and feel, that should be able to cover a wide range of different sounds, everything from vintage clean to modern high gain. Now this vision has become reality… and it’s more compact and light than anything else I came across so far!

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