Neko Guitars Claymore 6 Review & Video

Looks familiar, definitely surprises!

First of all… sorry for my absence regarding videos and this blog! It has been a busy time and I have been recording a lot music that I want to put out there soon. Everybody who knows how much effort it is, will most likely understand that…regardless! 🙂

Since Doug from Blackmachine Guitars in London came up with that very unique inline headstock design (which certainly received a lot of attention), many other luthiers imitated or at least came very close to the original. Since Blackmachine decided to keep the production level very low and be as close to the customer’s wishes as possible, companies like Skervesen for example produced guitars with that headstock design in rather large numbers.

Neko is a very young company with only a small team of people behind the operation. But they are fans of that headstock design and clearly express that with the introduction of the Claymore model!

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BluGuitar AMP1 Review & Video

A true innovation…mindblowing!!!

At last year’s NAMM and as well at Musikmesse, Thomas Blug introduced his new company to the world: BluGuitar! He has been developing full-tube & digital amplifiers for almost 20 years, while also being a session player on numerous records. His most known achievements in the amp world include the Hughes&Kettner TriAmp MKII among other amps from the German manufacturer. But he also developed one of the most sophisticated digital amps back in the days, the Hughes&Kettner Zentera!

In the past couple of years, he was focused on the development of a vision he had. He wanted to create a compact amplifier with authentic tone and feel, that should be able to cover a wide range of different sounds, everything from vintage clean to modern high gain. Now this vision has become reality… and it’s more compact and light than anything else I came across so far!

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NAMM 2015 – Jackson Guitars & Misha Mansoor present signature guitar line

It finally happened!

A lot of people (including myself) were wondering if Periphery guitarist and Djentleman Misha Mansoor would eventually introduce a signature model with one of the many manufacturers he collaborated with in the past years. The list of possible candidates was long: Mayones, BlacKat, ViK Guitars, Strandberg, RAN, Blackmachine, Decibel, Jackson…

Now it’s official… Jackson Guitars launches the Misha Mansoor Signature, in fact you could call it a full signature line.

Misha Mansoor BULB HT6 Amber Tiger Eye

Misha Mansoor BULB HT6 Amber Tiger Eye


Two models, five colors, 6/7-strings

It starts with the Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6 in Matte Blue Frost or Matte Black, which features a basswood body (caramelized basswood in fact), a bolt-on quartersawn maple neck (graphite reinforced) with ebony fretboard, 24 stainless steel jumbo frets, hipshot bridge and tuners and Misha’s signature set of Bare Knuckle Juggernaut humbuckers, starting at 2599€. Expensive? Not if you consider that all instruments are manufactured in Jackson’s workshop in Scottsdale, USA.

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NAMM 2015 – ENGL Amplification releases the legendary E651 Artist Edition Head

An amp that has been used by legends!

The E651 Artist Edition is based on the inner circuit of the E650 Ritchie Blackmore Head, which is one of the best-selling ENGL amplifiers of all times. It also sticks out of the ENGL range as the most open-sounding and dynamic model, apart from the E610 Savage. In 2005, ENGL made a slightly different version of the E650, requested by long-time ENGL artist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Bad Moon Rising).

It was equipped with EL34s in the power amp section and also featured a new and totally different 3-band EQ. Aldrich loved it and the rumor about this specific amp spread to other famous player like Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Ken Hammer, Vivien Campell, Paul Stanley and many more.

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NAMM 2015 – Sterling by Music Man introduces new Petrucci models

New colors and a 7-String with DiMarzios

Sterling by Music Man released a couple of pictures on their Facebook page yesterday that showed new colors and versions of their John Petrucci signature models. The new models are going to bring fans of the EBMM Petrucci model closer to it, at least in terms of finishes. Especially the JP100D-MKOA totally sticks out because of it’s nicely figured Koa top. Looks a lot like BFR version, except for the chrome hardware instead of the golden Koa BFR model.

Sterling by Music Man JP60-MGR

Sterling by Music Man JP60-MGR (click to enlarge)

First of all, sorry for the bad photo quality, these are the compressed ones from Facebook. The two more affordable models, which would be the JP60-MGR and the 7-string version JP70-PRB, come with the stock pickups from Sterling. Those are similar voiced to the DiMarzio combination, but in an A/B contest they would not really have a chance…just my 5 cents!

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NAMM 2015 – PRS Guitars reveals Mark Holcomb Signature Limited Edition

A new and unique PRS guitar

PRS Guitars and Periphery’s Mark Holcomb didn’t wait until the 22nd of January in Anaheim to reveal the newest addition to PRS’ signature guitar line-up. The PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition will be a very unique instrument though. The basis is a Custom 24 model with quilted maple “10 Top”, Pattern Thin maple neck and and selected, quite dark ebony fretboard.

But here’s the first unique feature…

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Ibanez RG721RW Review & Video

Loud, resonant, comfy and a bang for the buck…

Apart from guitars like the Fender Stratocaster or Gibson’s Les Paul, the Ibanez RG is one of the best-selling electric guitars in history. It is based on the Strat design, but was always targeted to the more technical player, combining a comfortable body shape with a very flat neck profile, that no one had seen or played before.

While I am not so much into Floyd Rose-equipped guitars, I was always a big fan of the Ibanez RG, basically for the reasons mentioned above. A couple of months ago I got the chance to test the Ibanez RG721RW for a few days and I was totally blown away by it from the first minute.

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NAMM 2015 – Schecter introduces 3 new series

Schecter adds Platinum, Banshee Elite and Hellraiser Passive to the line-up

Just like every year, Schecter Guitars & Basses doesn’t hold their new models back until NAMM. New to the line-up for 2015 will be the Banshee Elite series, which will be equipped with Schecter’s very own “Supercharger” humbuckers (Sustainiac neck pickups on FR versions). The series will feature 6- and 7-string models, both available with fixed Hipshot bridge or or Floyd Rose 1500 Series tremolo, as well as an 8-string model with a massive 28″ scale.


Swamp ash body, flamed maple top, neck-thru construction and Schecter Supercharger pickups Read More

The Boogie Session – Mesa Boogie CabClone Review

Hello guitar people,

after just doing Youtube videos for some time, I thought it might be helpful to also share my experiences with guitar gear in a blog. Just because… well, there are still some guys out there who actually like to read about stuff, instead of just watching videos or listening to the manufacturer’s Soundcloud playlist.


Speaker simulators and load boxes have been around for quite some time. While most of them worked fine in terms of protecting the amp from possible damage, the provided cabinet simulation always disappointed me. Then a couple of years ago, small companies like Koch, Two Notes or Radial started to take this thing to the next level and invented versatile load boxes/speaker simulators that would not only sound decent, but also react in a way guitar players would expect it to.

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