NAMM 2015 – Hughes & Kettner introduces the TriAmp MKIII

42 Different Amps under the hood

Hughes & Kettner’s flagship model, the TriAmp, already looks back on a long legacy. It started with the idea of combining 6 different channels and putting them into one amplifier. Then, with the help of German session player and designer Thomas Blug, the second version came with improved functionality and even more flexibility.

But the new Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark III operates on a complete new level! While the older models would share controls for a pair of channels, the newest incarnation holds fully individual controls for every single channel. But it doesn’t stop there!

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NAMM 2015 – Laney IRT-Pulse guitar tube interface

At the heart of your tone

Laney’s Ironheart series has been well received so far, especially in the Rock/Metal scene with artists like Joel Stroetzel, Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage), John Browne (Monuments) and many others. The british manufacturer combines awesome sounding multi-channel amplifiers with innovative features and consistent quality in a price range where others still struggle. The Ironheart IRT-Studio with its USB connectivity and reamping features is an absolute no-brainer for the price of 499€.

The new IRT-Pulse is a tool for many purposes

The compact IRT-Pulse connects directly to your DAW via USB and serves as a recording preamp with Ironheart tone, but also offers a reamping function. The headphone jack makes it a perfect practicing tool for the road and thanks to the Aux input, you can jam to your favorite tracks or playback songs.

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NAMM 2015 – Peavey releases 50th Anniversary & Mini models

It’s all gold!

Happy Birthday to Peavey’s 50th Anniversary! The American audio company celebrates this event with some new additions to the amplifier line-up and some special editions of their most popular amp models.

Peavey Classic 30 50th Anniversary Gold (click to enlarge)

Peavey Classic 30 50th Anniversary Gold (click to enlarge)

Peavey’s Classic 30 combo amplifier has been on the market for ages and its happy users certainly know why. The Classic 30’s compact dimensions paired with two great sounding channels, which are capable to produce a wide range of sounds, have been a major point to choose it over similar models.

On the occasion of Peavey’s jubilee and NAMM 2015, the Classic 30 comes with a limited edition look in black tolex with golden panel and anniversary plate. The classic specifications remain the same of course:

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NAMM 2015 – EVH adds new Wolfgang Specials with T.O.M. Bridge

Flames & Stripes

EVH will release a couple of cool-looking new Wolfgang Special models at this year’s NAMM Show in Anaheim. All new guitars of the EVH line will feature a fully adjustable Tune-o-Matic bridge with tailpiece, the typical Wolfgang body made of basswood and EVH’s own Wolfgang humbuckers.

The two versions with solid colors will be available in Gloss Black and Vintage White with matching headstocks and black hardware.

EVH Wolfgang Special T.O.M Vintage White (click to enlarge)

EVH Wolfgang Special T.O.M Vintage White (click to enlarge)

Just like the more expensive EVH Wolfgang models, the neck and fretboard will be made of maple (quartersawn) with a satin finish. A compound radius fretboard makes playing fast licks and crazy tappings easy as possible.

EVH Wolfgang Special T.O.M. Gloss Black (click to enlarge)

EVH Wolfgang Special T.O.M. Gloss Black (click to enlarge)

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NAMM 2015 – Jackson Guitars upgrades X-Series models

New pickups, new colors, new bridges and a new manufactory

After entering the extended range instrument market more seriously 2 years ago, Jackson Guitars is now updating all X-Series SLAT models with different hardware and new pickups. The new models will also balance the amount of tremolo- and hardtail-equipped guitars.

First of all, the PT Cort factory in Indonesia will be doing the complete line of X-Series models for 2015. While some of the extended range instruments were actually crafted in Mexico (Dinky DKA7, DKA8), there is a strong movement towards Indonesia these days. And there’s nothing wrong about that if you consider that Ibanez’ Premium factory is located there as well (check out my review on the RG721RW). But Jackson goes a little further…



Jackson SLATHX-M 3-7 Slime Green w/Seymour Duncan Nazgul & Sentient humbuckers

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NAMM 2015 – Digitech reveals interesting new pedals

Shakin’ bones and a full band on the floor!

Digitech introduces two new pedals to their line-up at NAMM 2015! While the Boneshaker Distortion is DOD-labeled, the new Digitech Trio pedal looks veeeeeery interesting to me.

Digitech’s new Trio pedal is a true “Band-in-a-Box”! While you’re playing a riff or a sequence of chords, it will analyze what you play and come up with drums patterns and basslines that matches your song idea. It provides seven different music genres such as Blues, Pop, Alternative Rock, Rock, Country, R&B and Jazz with 12 different styles for each one. You can also choose between 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures.

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NAMM 2015 – Jackson Guitars & Misha Mansoor present signature guitar line

It finally happened!

A lot of people (including myself) were wondering if Periphery guitarist and Djentleman Misha Mansoor would eventually introduce a signature model with one of the many manufacturers he collaborated with in the past years. The list of possible candidates was long: Mayones, BlacKat, ViK Guitars, Strandberg, RAN, Blackmachine, Decibel, Jackson…

Now it’s official… Jackson Guitars launches the Misha Mansoor Signature, in fact you could call it a full signature line.

Misha Mansoor BULB HT6 Amber Tiger Eye

Misha Mansoor BULB HT6 Amber Tiger Eye


Two models, five colors, 6/7-strings

It starts with the Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6 in Matte Blue Frost or Matte Black, which features a basswood body (caramelized basswood in fact), a bolt-on quartersawn maple neck (graphite reinforced) with ebony fretboard, 24 stainless steel jumbo frets, hipshot bridge and tuners and Misha’s signature set of Bare Knuckle Juggernaut humbuckers, starting at 2599€. Expensive? Not if you consider that all instruments are manufactured in Jackson’s workshop in Scottsdale, USA.

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NAMM 2015 – ENGL Amplification releases the legendary E651 Artist Edition Head

An amp that has been used by legends!

The E651 Artist Edition is based on the inner circuit of the E650 Ritchie Blackmore Head, which is one of the best-selling ENGL amplifiers of all times. It also sticks out of the ENGL range as the most open-sounding and dynamic model, apart from the E610 Savage. In 2005, ENGL made a slightly different version of the E650, requested by long-time ENGL artist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Bad Moon Rising).

It was equipped with EL34s in the power amp section and also featured a new and totally different 3-band EQ. Aldrich loved it and the rumor about this specific amp spread to other famous player like Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Ken Hammer, Vivien Campell, Paul Stanley and many more.

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NAMM 2015 – Palmer MI reveals new Pedals & Tools

To loop or not to loop?

Palmer Musical Instruments established their effects line some time ago and keeps adding new models to the line-up constantly. Right in time for NAMM 2015, the German-based company introduces three new pedals, a simple 1-knob booster and two compact switchers for effects and amplifiers.


Palmer Pepboost

The Palmer MI Pocket Booster comes with a simple 1-knob control and will boost the input stage of your amplifier to produce more gain and compression or even more volume, depending on your amp model. If you’re working with more drive pedals, you could alternatively use it at the end of your pedal chain to increase the level for solo spots. Estimated price will be approx. 35€, available around June 2015.

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NAMM 2015 – Zakk Wylde introduces Wylde Audio

Designed by the Hand of Doom

Rumors have been out lately about former Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde establishing his own guitar & amplifier company. Now a couple of pictures and an early version of a website came along via Twitter and Instagram.

Wylde Audio Control Section (click to enlarge)

Wylde Audio Equalizer Section (click to enlarge)

Wylde Audio Shot (click to enlarge)

Wylde Audio Shot (click to enlarge)

The pictures show a “Superlead”-style amp front panel, a headstock with an equal logo and some sneak shots of a guitar with the signature Zakk Wylde finish. Wylde pointed towards the very early version of a website named, where you can subscribe to a newsletter to get the latest info so far.

This should be super interesting and I will follow what’s happening here and update this post, as soon as I know more.

Wylde Audio Headstock I

Wylde Audio Headstock I (click to enlarge)

Wylde Audio Headstock II

Wylde Audio Headstock II (click to enlarge)