Diezel VH4 Pedal Demo & Review

It doesn’t get any closer!


At least that’s what I thought back then when I tested the Diezel Zerrer, which had just been released as Diezel’s first ever pedal product. But Peter told me that he was working on something more simple and affordable to get that Diezel VH4 Channel 3 sound.

And he delivered! Because the Diezel VH4 Pedal is definitely the closest recreation to that very sound. You’ve heard it on recordings from so many artists, not matter what kind of genre we’re talking. And that’s because the VH4 takes literally anything and it sounds right, regardless of guitar type, tuning, pedals in front or not.

The VH4 Pedal comes with a simple set of controls, but they have a huge impact on the overall sound. You can select to use the pedal as an overdrive/distortion in front of your amp or just plug it into a power amp or the FX return on your amplifier.

For this video though, I decided to put the VH4 Pedal to the test for direct recording…which worked out great. Straight into my audio interface and with two cabinet IRs. All the tracks you hear in the video were recorded like this. Enjoy and be sure to check this pedal out yourself.

Get all info and details on the VH4 Pedal here: http://www.diezelamplification.com/vh4pedal/

If you wanna get one yourself, here you go: https://reverb.grsm.io/papapete

Diezel Zerrer – Review & Video

Diezel soul in a small format!

Everybody who knows me personally, knows that I am a Diezel worshipper! I picked up my VH-4 head back in 2004 and never actually bought another tube amp. I was used to my old 2-channel Dual Rectifier and I loved it, but the Diezel VH-4 opened up a new dimension of tonal options, apart from having an insane low end response, which comes in handy when you play down to Drop A ;).

What I liked most about Diezel Amplification, is that they always stayed within their course and never lost the original vision they had. But being a small boutique company with only a few employees, Diezel has to follow at least some trends to be on par with other manufacturers. While portable live setups become more and more important for the busy traveling musician, the Diezel Zerrer definitely comes in handy when you need an aggressive distortion section in your rig.

Diezel Zerrer full

Diezel Zerrer Frontview

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