Thermion Engineering Gasoline Demo & Review

Massive Amplifier-in-a-Box


While the Heartbreaker I tested recently is a full-blown British rock amp in a small pedal format, Thermion’s Gasoline is a complete different beast – with the emphasis on beast!

The compact and handmade pedal recreates the sound of American high-gain amps, using high-quality components. Thermion Engineering really took their time to not only find the right parts for the Gasoline, but also make it as versatile as possible. Three modes (Vintage, Raw & Modern) offer different gain & tone shapes in addition to the very effective 3-band EQ plus Deep and Presence controls.

Since the Gasoline also comes with the SE2 technology, I connected it directly with my audio interface and applied to of their cabinet IRs to record all the guitar tracks in the demo song. I was really impressed how good that sounded. I didn’t even have to use a boost oder overdrive pedal in front to tighten it.

But…see and hear for yourself!

You can get all the info & details on the Gasoline here:

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Thermion Engineering Heartbreaker Demo & Review

If you’re into British rock & blues sounds, you have to check this out!


Thermion Engineering is a Spanish company that started out in 2012 as a local technical service, repairing and modding amps and pedals. After a long time of working with musicians from different genres, Thermion decided to come up with their own designs, based on the years of experience.

The Heartbreaker is a faithful recreation of a classic British-voiced rock & blues amp and can be used in a variety of scenarios. Thanks to the mode switch (Vintage, Raw, Modern) it offers three different voicings, which can be further adjusted with its 3-band EQ. Pre-Amp and Master will recreate the sound and response of a half- or fully-cranked amplifier. Level works as an overall master control.

The fully hand-built Thermion Heartbreaker can be used in front of any amp, but also works pretty well in the FX return as a great sounding preamp. You can listen to the sound of it in the video:


More info about the Heartbreaker here:

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