BluGuitar AMP1 Review & Video

A true innovation…mindblowing!!!

At last year’s NAMM and as well at Musikmesse, Thomas Blug introduced his new company to the world: BluGuitar! He has been developing full-tube & digital amplifiers for almost 20 years, while also being a session player on numerous records. His most known achievements in the amp world include the Hughes&Kettner TriAmp MKII among other amps from the German manufacturer. But he also developed one of the most sophisticated digital amps back in the days, the Hughes&Kettner Zentera!

In the past couple of years, he was focused on the development of a vision he had. He wanted to create a compact amplifier with authentic tone and feel, that should be able to cover a wide range of different sounds, everything from vintage clean to modern high gain. Now this vision has become reality… and it’s more compact and light than anything else I came across so far!

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NAMM 2015 – Hughes & Kettner introduces the TriAmp MKIII

42 Different Amps under the hood

Hughes & Kettner’s flagship model, the TriAmp, already looks back on a long legacy. It started with the idea of combining 6 different channels and putting them into one amplifier. Then, with the help of German session player and designer Thomas Blug, the second version came with improved functionality and even more flexibility.

But the new Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark III operates on a complete new level! While the older models would share controls for a pair of channels, the newest incarnation holds fully individual controls for every single channel. But it doesn’t stop there!

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