Driftwood Purple Nightmare Head Review & Video

Clever…and beautiful!

The guitar amplifier industry has definitely experienced some big changes in the past recent years. While tube amps became way more affordable at some point, with companies like Bugera or Blackheart flooding the market with models at entry-level prices, the big companies followed to keep up in order to not loose market share. We also saw small 1 or 2 men companies slowly emerging as they came up with new designs and solutions for touring guitarists who want flexibility without changing into the world of digital solutions. Driftwood Amplifiers from Germany is one of them!

Purple Nightmare Master Section

Purple Nightmare Master Section (click to enlarge)


More like “a dream come true” than an actual nightmare

Like many amp builders, Driftwood started out as a service point for amps & electronics in case you needed something fixed by a professional. After many years of experience in this field, they started creating their own designs, while taking into account what their customers would want to have in an amplifier.

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NAMM 2015 – Randall Amplification releases new amps & pedals

“…and then it took on an Element of Doom!”

Randall Amplification shows some new stuff on their official website, which is supposed to be released at NAMM in a couple of days. I am not sure if this is all the news or if Randall is holding the big surprise back until next week. Here’s what we know and see so far…


Randall EOD88 Element of Doom

The EOD88 seems to be inspired by the early days of Heavy Metal and the sound that was created back in these days. The 88-watt amplifier features a simple layout with 3 gain modes, but just one equalizer plus a built-in Fuzz circuit. The power amp comes with a big knob for master volume as well as Depth & Presence controls.

Randall EOD88 Element of Doom Head

Randall EOD88 Element of Doom Head (click to enlarge)

  • Power: 88 watts
  • Tube: KT88 power amp /12AX7 preamp
  • 3 gain modes
  • switchable Fuzz circuit
  • discrete Class A instrument level
  • 2-button footswitch included
  • Limited Edition red tolex (according to Randall’s website)

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